A VR experience "Xentity" begins playfully. User's gesture makes his or her digitized particles on a virtual realistic simulation background. In the end, an astistic pointillism artwork is delivered to user's social media.


A real-time visualization and unusual interaction strengthen users' memory and inspiration. Immediate reaction of VR engine will be a meaningful user experience, because digitized particles are building up his or her surroundings.


"Xentity v2.0 will be developed for a wearable gadget. Head-mounted display can deliver much more realistic experience to users. In addition, the recorded video can be posted as a 360 degree video contents to share on social media."

Prototype Video

Still in progress

Thesis Proposal

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The best is yet to come


AR Head Mount Display

Realtime AR Visualization

Augmented Reality Broadcasting

TERY's Coffee Roastery

Responsive Web - Backend Coding

Samsung 3DTV

UX process - Team project

VizTalk, ANIwhere

Mobile Design

Concept Video, Infographics, Logo

Motion Graphics

Digital Imaging, Typography

Visual Design

D2able Interactive

Logo / Branding

Advanced Digital Imaging

Visual Storytelling

My Journey

My dots has been connected, and keep on being connected.

  • 2009-2014

    AR/VR broadcasting specialist

    I worked as a AR/VR system director for six years at Korean Broadcasting System, Seoul, Korea. It was a wonderful experience to have deeper undestanding of emerging technology and visual storytelling.

  • September 2013

    Present about AR.News.Making @ABU News Group Meeting

    As a VR/AR director, I shared my experience and suggested a new workflow of AR news at the sub-event of Global News Forum. ABU is Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. Click here to open pdf.

  • September 2014

    Start to transform UXD/IxDer

    I started to study in a graduate program of Web Design and New Media at Academy of Art University, SF. I have made a strong foundation for human-centered design process, creative thinking and problem solving.

  • December 2015

    Develop "Digitized" project for thesis

    This project will be my mission for the rest of my MFA study until my graduation. An immersive user experience design will be an influencial strength to open new possibility.

  • Expect
    my next


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